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Build with us a holistic, goal-oriented learning experience for life-long learning and help people to overcome loneliness.
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At Octomo, we create your joyful learning journey! 🚀

A new way to unleash your potential. We believe that those who truly master a skill are those that love the journey of getting there. 

We use Machine Learning to connect you with the right individuals so that you build a life-long network of friendships and mentors. This network is what makes your growth journey so joyful and the goals achievable.

We dare to design the future of how people learn. We achieve this by focusing relentlessly on the power of human connection during your growth journey. Every minor interaction in our ecosystem is designed to be the most inclusive and rewarding experience.

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Wonderful Designer

Berlin, Germany

Awesome Full-Stack Engineer

Berlin, Germany

What we value

Women dancing in a yellow dress.Women dancing in a yellow dress.

Collaborate as a team united in diversity

We believe in being fully open and appreciating all perspectives without judging. We are all unique in our way, celebrating this makes us great. 

We support each other that we can all define and live in a way that makes our work joyful. Happy team, amazing product, happy customer. Shout-out to Bruce Daisley, VP at Twitter for his

We trust and rely on each other to do their best. In this way, we work smooth, steady and swift.

A women doing sit-ups with a coach spotting her.

Build what’s great and enjoy the walk

We love the journey of building a company. We believe that having joy and passion for what we do every day is what makes us build a great product.  

We are a bit obsessed with daily feedback. We love hearing how we can do better every day as much as we love helping others to grow. Gratitude to Susan Hutt, former VP at Camilion for the inspiration.  

We iterate the process as much as the product, like Rohini Pandhi, a PM at Square, has wonderfully described.

A women doing sit-ups with a coach spotting her.
Man standing in front of a computer showing a map of the world.Man standing in front of a computer showing a map of the world.

Empower humans to design the future

First principle thinking! Thank you Greek Aristotles, Chief Philosopher at Planet Earth, for bringing it up. We seek to understand the root cause. In this way, we can flip ideas and processes around to define a new way of creating value.  

Human connection is one of the things that makes life wonderful. With our product, we build bridges between people to spark lifes full of wonder. 

We provide people with the power to change the world and the confidence to use it.